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Andy Harglesis’ YouTube background is now up for grabs!

Andy Harglesis

Andy Harglesis


Hey everyone! This is my new WordPress blog address! 😀 All of my other blogs are still currently available and always will be; this is just a new place! A new place to write stuff for me is what this new WordPress blog address will be for! XD

I’d like to first start by showing my new and highly updated YouTube user-profile photo, which is the one I am currently using now. Here it is everyone!

Andy Harglesis

Andy Harglesis

So any thoughts and opinions are welcome! As of now I won’t be having the same time I had before to write all my blogs, interesting or not. 😦

But haters will keep hating and I’ll keep being myself. 😛 Have a great day and night and week everyone! You can see me/contact me at my official YouTube channel located at:

OR follow me at: or @andy_harglesis on Twitter! 😀

One love, Harglesis. 😛

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